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User survey

All findings with regard to the Trends Top user profile are part of a market survey conducted with 1,359 respondents.

  • The respondents are active in the followin sectors:
    Media and communication 5.30%
    Industry   11.92%
    Transport, logistics, cars 7.14%
    Construction 13.91%
    Finance 5.52%
    HRM, interim   2.65%
    ICT, telecom      7.28%
    Pharma, health industry 2.21%
    Chemical industry     2.28%
    Food industry 4.05%
    Wholesale, retail 11.92%
    Other services 24.28%
  • Workforce:
    1-5                               29.87%
    6-10  15.67%
    11-20   13.10%
    21-50 16.56%
    +50  23.11%
  •  Functions:
    Management 55.92%
    Accounting/finance 8.68%
    Marketing/communication 8.68%
    Sales  9.42%
    Administration 6.11%
    Purchase 1.91%
    HR 1.69
    IT 0.59%
    Other 4.86%

  • 84% of the Belgian board members know Trends Top as a source of information.
  • In 78% of the large companiesTrends Top is used by several persons.
  • Trends Top ranks remarkably higher on the quality scale than other players on the market.
  • 38% label Trends Top as “very good”.
  • 88% of the usersconfirm Trends Top is an efficient tool.
  • Thanks to Trends Top 3 out of 4 users actually find what they are looking for.
  • More than 90% of theTrends Top users perceive the Quicksearch as a useful search engine.

  • Visitors reach both directly and indirectly.
  • Indirect visitors arrive mostly via search engines like Google since Trends Top ranks high in the organic search results due to the relevance. Via search engines visitors easily land on a sector ranking or directly onto a company profile. Your advertisement on our communication platform will therefore benefit from the SEO efforts made by Trends Top.